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(21) Space reserved.
(22) Elect four ordained ministers and three lay members as members of the district board of review, and to elect two ordained ministers and two lay members to serve as alternates and to fill vacancies (Gen. Bd. Policy on Ch. Disc. 5218).
(23) Request a ruling on a point of Church law or an interpretation of The Discipline from the General Superintendent and to appeal the same to the Board of Review (2064; Gen. Bd. Policy on Ch. Disc. 5445:1-2); and to request assistance from the General Board or its Executive Board, through the General Superintendent, when deemed necessary.
(24) Remove for cause or whenever the best interests of the Church and the district so require:
(a) Any of its own members, with the exception of the district superintendent (1307), by a two-thirds majority vote of all members, and to fill such vacancies for the unexpired term (1206; 1265; 1272).
(b) Any member of a board or other agency of the district by a majority vote and to fill such vacancies for the unexpired term (1292).
(25) Organize and supervise all pastoral charges of the district in accord with The Discipline and other district directives so that each one may be an effective unit of The Wesleyan Church; to guard carefully the spiritual life and general welfare of all the churches; to plan and conduct conventions, institutes, or seminars for pastors and other workers in the district, promoting such for the purpose of spiritual refreshment, leadership development, greater efficiency, and a more united effort within the district and the General Church.