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(12) Visit, or to appoint an assistant district superintendent or other representative to visit, each church in the district according to a schedule of visits approved by the district board of administration, making careful inquiry into the progress and administration of the church and seeking to advance its spiritual life, and to preserve a written report of such visits in the district office for future reference and for the successor in office.
(13) Investigate carefully concerning the support of pastors and to advise and encourage the local churches to provide for their adequate support.
(14) Recommend that the district board of administration authorize the establishment of a mission (537), a developing church (510), a church (518), the reclassification of a church (518:7); and to preside over the organization of an established church or appoint a representative to do so (520); and to report the organization of new churches to the district board of administration and to the district conference (520:6).
(15) Supervise and promote the process of a developing church, approving the reception of members (510:2; Gen. Bd. Policy on Ch. Disc. 5105), appointing the local advisory council in cooperation with the pastor (510:3), and approving the plans of the pastor and the local advisory council in the interim of sessions of the district board of administration (510:3).
(16) Approve the date for the regular session of a local church conference (630:1), to preside over a local church conference whenever present (635); to convene, when deemed advisable, a local board of administration or a local church conference and preside over the same (633:1; 712; 722:2-3; 773); and carry out any other provisions for a local board of administration or conference as prescribed in The Discipline.
(17) Counsel with a local board of administration for the securing of a pastor (705:1-3), proactively assessing the needs of the church and providing it with specific recommendations and names of potential pastors who best fit the profile to help meet those needs. The local board of administration and the district superintendent shall approve a pastoral candidate before that person is recommended to the church for a vote. The district superintendent shall also carry out the provisions of The Discipline concerning the call, the review and termination of a call, the resignation and release of a pastor from the pastoral agreement, and other matters pertaining to pastoral relations for the pastoral charges under district care (633:2; 692:2; 705:1-3; 710; 712; 720-722; 773).
(18) Work directly with the pastors and leaders of local churches in setting goals and objectives, or appoint another district leader to do so. The district superintendent, in consultation with the district board of administration, may advise a pastor and local board of administration to consider a pastoral change if goal progress remains unsatisfactory.
(19) Approve the transfer of any ordained minister or commissioned or licensed minister from another district, in concurrence with the General Superintendent (313:6; 705:2; 3100:1) and, when objecting to such a transfer, to state any reasons if requested to do so.
(20) Recommend the removal of a pastor to the district board of administration, whenever the best interests of the church involved demand it, and to recommend to the district board of administration the appointment of a supply or interim, if necessary, until another pastor has been obtained (712; 715; 722:3; 1233:29).
(21) Perform all the functions of a pastor for a local church within the district when such church is without a pastor, or to recommend to the district board of administration the appointment of a supply pastor or interim pastor until the local church obtains a pastor (1233:29, 36; 3260:2; 3261:2).