2016 Wesleyan Discipline: 2050:3

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(3) Solicited Offerings. The Global Partners Division, the Church Multiplication and Discipleship Division, and the general educational institutions shall raise financial support for the work under their care by sending representatives to visit the districts, local churches, members, and constituency of the Church. District and local officials shall receive them and cooperate in their work. Offerings received shall be used as designated and shall be in addition to and apart from United Stewardship Fund, and shall be remitted promptly through the regular channels. The Global Partners Division shall not engage in home ministries work within the week prior to Easter, and the Church Multiplication and Discipleship Division shall not do fund-raising work within the week prior to Thanksgiving or on the Sunday following Thanksgiving. Exception to the above may be made with the approval of the Executive Directors of Church Multiplication and Discipleship and Global Partners. An educational institution shall do its school representation work in the manner decided upon in the plans for such institutions approved by the General Board.