2016 Wesleyan Discipline: 5004

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5004. Conflict Resolution. The person having the grievance shall be first required to follow the Lord’s directions in 2016 Wesleyan Discipline:Matthew 18:15-17

(1) The person having the grievance should go to the accused and point out the issue, just between the two of them.
(2) If unresolved, the person having the grievance shall seek counsel from the official having jurisdiction (pastor, district superintendent, general officer) relative to the steps to be taken.
(3) If the personal grievance remains unresolved or affects the body of believers, the official having jurisdiction or a designated representative shall privately inquire, and, if necessary, instruct and admonish an offending person. If there is an acknowledgment of the fault and correction is made, the matter shall be dropped.
(4) If the grievance continues, the official in charge shall provide intervention. If the conflict remains unresolved, and if the matter rises to the level of a fair and impartial hearing of charges pending, procedures shall be followed according to The General Board Policy for Church Discipline and Ministerial Restoration.