2016 Wesleyan Discipline: 6730

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6730. (4) Statement of Relationship. The unity of The Wesleyan Church worldwide shall be recognized and maintained in the following:
(a) The right of a member or minister to transfer from one unit (General Conference, Established National/ Regional Conference, regional/national church) to any other such unit of The Wesleyan Church worldwide, with the understanding that consideration must be given to differences in requirements for licensing and ordination of ministers as provided for in the various disciplines of units worldwide.
(b) The right of a member or minister to election to office in any unit (as defined in Article 4:4a) of The Wesleyan Church worldwide provided that the qualifications of said office are met, with the understanding that the right to hold such office shall be subject to the transfer of church membership to the unit within which the election occurs and subject to The Discipline governing that unit.
(c) The right of any member body which has not reached the status of a fully established general conference to participate with full or partial powers through its duly elected representatives in the respective general conference to which it relates.