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C. Reception of Members

566. Members in The Wesleyan Church may be received by confession of faith or by letter of transfer. Student members shall be received by confession of faith.

567. Members shall be received subject to the approving vote of the local church conference, unless the church by vote shall delegate this right to the local board of administration (655:1). In both cases, it shall be by majority vote, provided that when objections are urged against the reception of a member, it shall require a vote of two-thirds of those present and voting to receive.

568. The pastor and the local board of administration shall be responsible to provide membership classes for all members, training them in the biblical doctrines and standards of the Church, acquainting them with the history and organization of The Wesleyan Church, and explaining to them the vows of membership (297; 5565–5595).

570. When a person from another denomination presents a letter of transfer or recommendation, the pastor and the local board of administration shall examine them concerning their relationship with Christ and their Christian baptism. If they give satisfactory testimony and are willing to be instructed in and accept the Articles of Religion, Elementary Principles and the authority of The Wesleyan Church in matters of church government, and are willing to enter into a membership and discipleship relationship with The Wesleyan Church through the local church, they may be received as members.