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782. The local board of administration shall administer the affairs of the church in keeping with The Discipline, other general and district regulations, and the directions of the local church conference, and shall be responsible to:


(1) Direct all activities of the church toward the spiritual, moral, and social maturity of its people.
(2) Provide a place of worship.
(3) Counsel with the pastor, as the pastor may request.
(4) Cooperate with the pastor in evaluating the health of the local church; establishing policies, goals, and objectives for more effectively fulfilling the mission of the church; empowering the pastor to pursue the goals and objectives, within the established policies and through the staff and members; and periodically receiving performance reports from the pastor regarding progress.
(5) Receive monthly reports from the pastor (725:30), church treasurer (842:3), and reports as the local board of administration shall require from all boards, committees, and officers.
(6) Direct the church in its evangelistic outreach, seeking to win its community to Christ; to recommend to the local church conference the establishment and operation of a mission.
(7) Adopt an annual calendar of events.


(8) Authorize the reception of members by a majority vote, except that when an objection is raised against the reception of a member it shall require a two-thirds majority of those present and voting to receive (553:2; 567; 780).
(9) Examine the church membership roll annually, and to provide for its revision according to the provisions of The Discipline (553–610; 655:1).
(10) Consider all accusations and charges against members of the local church, and to appoint a committee of investigation and a local judicial committee as provided for in the General Board Policy on Church Discipline.
(11) Instruct the local church secretary concerning the removal of the name of a member.

Pastors, Staff, and Licensed Workers

(12) Nominate a pastor (705:3); to assume full responsibility for securing a pastor when such is delegated by the local church conference (708); and to recommend to the district board of administration by a two-thirds majority vote the termination of a pastoral agreement if such becomes necessary (712).
(13) Review at least quadrennially with the district superintendent an extended call and by majority vote to reaffirm the call or recommend for the local church conference to vote on renewing the call (720:2); to meet, at the request of one third of its members and under the district superintendent or a representative appointed by the district superintendent as chair, to consider the possibility of ordering a pastoral vote and to call for such a vote by majority vote (722:2).
(14) Review annually the pastor’s support and related matters (723; 724).
(15) Recommend the number of employed staff positions; to employ persons for all such staff positions subject to the pastor’s nominations; and to define the duties and working conditions of all such employees.
(16) Employ special workers as needed.
(17) Provide, in cooperation with the pastor, for the supply of the pulpit during the pastor’s absence; and to provide, in cooperation with the district superintendent, for the supply of the pulpit during temporary vacancies.
(18) Recommend to the local church conference the licensing and the renewing or revoking of licenses of lay ministers (315:3; 655:7).
(19) Recommend ministerial students and special workers for approval and recommendation to the district conference for district licenses (315:4; 655:7).

Officers, Boards, Committees and Auxiliaries

(20) Elect two members of a nominating committee from among the members of the local board of administration and two or more additional members with the leadership qualifications who may not be a member of the local board of administration to serve as set forth in 820–823.
(21) Elect annually at such time as it shall determine, an auditing committee (863).
(22) Organize and elect such boards and committees as it deems necessary to the proper organization of the church.
(23) Recommend to the local church conference the removal from office of any church officer or delegate (315:5; 655:5–6), and to remove by majority vote of the local board of administration all who fill other positions (825:4).
(24) Fill all vacancies occurring in those offices elected by the local church conference, in the interim of its annual sessions.

Property and Finance

(25) Serve as the local board of trustees in the maintenance of church property, the signing of notes and mortgages, and the attending to all legal matters connected with the church, in keeping with the requirements of local laws (4510), and The Discipline (850–859; 4500–4720; 4760).
(26) Serve as the local board of trustees to secure sufficient property and liability insurance to cover all buildings and vehicles owned and operated by the local church (856:6).
(27) Review all plans of support annually, adjusting salaries as advisable, adopting changes in the financial policies as necessary (746).
(28) Adopt the annual budget and authorize all expenditures within the limits of the budget and any expenditures not provided for in the annual budget; to provide for annual audits of all funds (863).
(29) Recommend to the local church conference: the purchase or sale of property, the erection or remodeling of buildings, all mortgages or other indebtedness which encumbers the property and major items of equipment (655:11; 4700–4728).
(30) Implement all General Church and district plans which apply to the local church, and to see that the local church raises its assigned portion of the United Stewardship Fund.
(31) Open the doors of the local church to properly authorized representatives of the General Church, the educational institutions of the area and the district.
(32) Request approval from the district board of administration when making investment or distribution of funds received as an undesignated estate gift, property for sale, or other out-of-pattern contribution with value equal to or exceeding the total contributions for all purposes of the preceding year (1233:30).

Day Care and/or Day School

(33) Present to the district board of administration for approval a plan for a day care and/or day school following authorization by the local church conference (655:17–18) or any plans for a significant change in mission, facilities, or finances of an established day care and/or day school (1233:32); to govern and direct a day care and/or day school when such has been properly approved (1233:32), or to govern while delegating the operation to a separate school committee; to elect the separate school committee and name its chair when thus delegating said operation; to submit an annual report to the district board of administration including organization, administration, and fiscal operations (655:17–18) for its approval.
(34) Establish treasuries, distinct and separate from that of a local church, to provide for the financial administration of day care centers, day schools, retirement homes, nursing homes, and such enterprises (655:17–18; 1233:32) and to adopt financial policies to assure adequate supervision and accountability.