Article 11. The Supreme Judiciary

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Article 11. The Supreme Judiciary

370. There shall be a judicial council to be known as the Board of Review whose number of members, qualifications, terms of office, and method of election shall be determined by the General Conference.

375. The Board of Review shall have authority to:

(1) Determine the constitutionality of any act of the General Conference upon appeal of the General Superintendent(s), or one-fifth of the members of the General Conference.
(2) Hear and determine any appeal from the decisions of the General Superintendent(s) as to the constitutionality of an action by a district or upon a point of Church law.
(3) Hear and determine the legality of any action by any General Church board upon appeal of one-third the members thereof, or by request of the General Superintendent(s).
(4) Settle questions in dispute between districts upon appeal by a two-thirds vote of a district that claims it has a grievance against another district.
(5) Determine the validity of any complaints against resources used in the course of study or in our schools.
(6) Settle and determine the legality of issues arising between a district and the General Conference.

380. A decision of the Board of Review shall be final unless the General Conference votes to overrule the same by a two-thirds vote of those present and voting.