Chapter 5: Communication and Administration Division

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2100. Vision. The vision of the Communication and Administration Division is to spread hope and holiness that transforms lives and nations by promoting The Wesleyan Church’s Christ-exalting message and biblical values; by making denominational news and information, official views, and mission-aligned resources readily available to its leaders, members, and diverse constituents; and by assisting church personnel with essential legal, creative, editorial, and other administrative support.

2105. Purpose. It is the division’s purpose to pursue this vision through serving the Church as its public voice, image guardian, media liaison, corporate agent, and legal representative; through the strategic use of electronic, digital, broadcast, video, print, and social media; through creative design, innovative messaging, public relations, resource production, marketing, and advertising; through efficient and effective recordkeeping, knowledge management, statistical analysis, information reporting and sharing, writing and editorial services, web design and supervision, reception and directory services, internal communications, and technology systems management and support; through providing professional advice and official responses related to legal and polity concerns; and through offering training, coaching, consulting, networking, convention or major event registration and project management services, and calendar coordination for those involved in the Church’s governance and administration at all levels.

2110. Executive Director. The Executive Director of the Communication and Administration Division is elected by the General Conference as a general official (334; 360:2; 1539; 1580:1; 1590:1b; 1800), and is an ex officio member of the General Conference (1503:1c) and the Executive Cabinet (1990). The Executive Director of Communication and Administration is amenable to the General Board, serves as a nonvoting resource person to the board, is under the supervision of the General Superintendent (1935), and serves as secretary of The Wesleyan Church Corporation (4220). The Executive Director of Communication and Administration shall exercise leadership in this office in keeping with The Discipline, the General Board Policy for the Communication and Administration Division, and other directives as may be given by the General Conference, the General Board, or its Executive Board. The term of service and other regulations for this office are provided for in paragraphs 1810-1870.

2115. General Duties. The Communication and Administration Division and its executive director shall:

(1) Have custody of the official and legal records, surrendered ministerial credentials, and archives of The Wesleyan Church, including copies of all official minutes of General Church boards and committees, materials copyrighted by The Wesleyan Church, titles and deeds, legal records and other essential documents.
(2) Maintain compliance with approved electronic and print document retention and destruction policies.
(3) Serve as the repository for all trademark, copyright, and intellectual property rights belonging to The Wesleyan Church Corporation.
(4) Appoint and supervise the work of a recording secretary for the General Conference, the General Board, and the Executive Board.
(5) Maintain a legal resource and referral network to inform, advise or consult local churches, districts, general officials, and other Church entities and leaders regarding legal matters; be responsible for filing legal documents and doing necessary legal research on behalf of the General Church; and review and evaluate issues of organizational legal compliance, analyzing and suggesting alterations for all legal documents and contracts obligating The Wesleyan Church Corporation prior to their execution.
(6) Develop forms and systems for gathering, reporting, archiving, and analyzing vital statistics, historical data, and official directory information for General Church entities, General Church boards and personnel, district leaders, ministerial personnel, local churches, and local church leaders, securing input from the Executive Cabinet for developing annual local church statistical report forms and ministers’ annual service report forms.
(7) Oversee public relations, internal and external communications, crisis communications to protect the Church when facing potential challenges to its reputation, media and creative services, publishing operations, and information technology for the General Church.
(8) Design and develop the denominational website and social networking experiences, supervising, updating, and maintaining content in all formats that complies with communication policies and guidelines.
(9) Coordinate translation services for materials as requested by general officials or authorized division personnel.
(10) Develop, review periodically, and make recommendations regarding electronic communication security policies, as well as document retention and destruction policies, for approval by the Executive Cabinet.
(11) Serve as the image and brand guardian for The Wesleyan Church, creating, reviewing and approving all official logos and visual identity guidelines; producing and revising a standardized manual of style for denominational publications, letterheads, general officials’ annual reports, projected audiovisual templates, web banners and sites, promotional items, exhibits, displays, advertisements, and other materials intended for public distribution; and holding all general officials and divisions accountable for observing mutually agreed quality standards.
(12) Provide expert editorial assistance, graphic design, web design, and project management services (including writer’s contracts, copyright procurement or permissions, copyright management, production, and distribution services) to all general officials and divisions to ensure that all published materials are in harmony with the Articles of Religion, Membership Commitments, and Elementary Principles of The Wesleyan Church, and that they conform to branding and quality assurance standards approved by the Executive Cabinet.
(13) Edit and produce books and other resources (under the aegis of the Wesleyan Publishing House or other corporate imprimaturs) when such have been approved by the Executive Cabinet, which serves as the General Church book committee.
(14) Acquire resources produced by local churches and Wesleyan writers to recommend to division executive directors or the book committee on the basis of their potential for use by a wider market, and assist in their publication and distribution.
(15) Research, develop, edit, publish, market, and distribute other publications, first impression and denominational identity and information pieces, curriculum materials, religious literature and supplies in consultation and collaboration with the general officials, divisions, agencies, auxiliaries, and institutions of The Wesleyan Church.
(16) Edit new editions of The Discipline of The Wesleyan Church following each General Conference, produce the official General Conference Journal, and maintain up-to-date General Board policy manuals and official minutes.
(17) Coordinate training for leaders involved in local church governance (e.g., trustees, treasurers, secretaries, vice chairpersons, local board of administration members, etc.).
(18) Develop potential revenue streams to assist in funding division priorities and services.
(19) Further, the specific vision, mission, strategic plan, core values, and general duties for the Communication and Administration Division shall be prepared by the divisional leadership in collaboration with the General Superintendent and be presented to the Executive Cabinet for ratification and to the General Board for final approval.