PART 1: Basic Principles

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Chapter 1: History

A. The Origin of the Wesleyan Movement 1-4
B. The Organization of The Wesleyan Methodist Connection 6-8
C. The Revival of the Wesleyan Experience 11-13
D. The Development of The Wesleyan Methodist Church 16-18
E. The Formation and Development of The Pilgrim Holiness Church 23-35
F. The Formation of The Wesleyan Church 50
G. The Development of the World Organization 60-70
H. Official Church Names 80

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Chapter 2: Mission of The Wesleyan Church

Chapter 2: Mission of The Wesleyan Church 100-105

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Chapter 3: Classification of Church Law

A. Constitutional Law 125-145
B. Statutory Law 155-165
C. Ritual 175
D. Current Authority 185
E. Scripture References and Explanatory Notes 190

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Chapter 4: The Constitution of The North American General Conference

Preamble 200
Article 1. Name 205
Article 2. Articles of Religion 210-250
Article 3. Membership Commitments 260-268
Article 4. Elementary Principles 270-286
Article 5. Observance of Sacraments 290-293
Article 6. Membership 295-305
Article 7. The Ministry 310-313
Article 8. Organization and Government 315-350
Article 9. Powers and Restrictions of the General Conference 360
Article 10. Coordination of Local, District and General Discipline 365
Article 11. The Supreme Judiciary 370-380
Article 12. Amendments to the Constitution 385

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Chapter 5: Special Directions

A. Christian Social Concern
B. Christian Worship and Fellowship
C. Christian Stewardship

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