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1090. The nonvoting members of the district conference, with a voice but without a vote, are (317):

(1) Ordained ministers without appointment (1240:1:E; 3380).
(2) Ordained ministers in process of transfer from another denomination (3104; 3390).
(3) Commissioned or licensed ministers who are not voting members of the district conference as listed in 1083:2-4, including those in process of transfer from another denomination (3104).
(4) Ministerial students (3015:3b; 3350:2).
(5) Commissioned and licensed special workers (1240:5:A, B, C; 3460-3470).
(6) Commissioned lay missionaries (1240:5:D).
(7) Supply pastors (1240:5:E; 3260:4).
(8) Interim pastors, unless qualifying as a voting member by some other right (1083; 3261).
(9) Ordained ministers, commissioned ministers, and licensed ministers whose process of transfer into the district from other districts are pending completion.