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(c) Appoint each minister to the proper category of service or other appointment (3250-3391), appointing each ordained minister not included on the appointed list (1240:1:A) to the proper district conference relation as retired, on reserve, on educational leave, without appointment (1240:1:B–E), or in process of transfer (3104); appointing each commissioned or licensed minister to the proper category of service (1240:2:A–B; 1240:3:A–B; 3255-3391) or in the process of transfer (3104); to license as ministerial students those persons so qualified (1240:4; 3015:1); and to appoint as commissioned or licensed special workers, designating their particular ministry (3450-3480), those who have been granted the proper commissions and licenses (1240:5:A–C) or to list them as in process of transfer (1240:5:B); and to appoint commissioned lay missionaries.