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1785. In the interim of General Board sessions, the Executive Board shall exercise such powers and have such duties as may be assigned to it by The Discipline or by the General Board, including the power to:

(1) Transact all business referred to it by the General Board; to change the time and place of a regular session of the General Board if circumstances require it (1615); and to order a special session of the General Board if deemed necessary (1620).
(2) Transact any and all other business the General Board may transact except that the Executive Board shall not make recommendations directly to the General Conference, nor take final action on the adoption of the annual budgets (1655:3), nor the amending of General Board policies (1655), nor transact any business which requires more than a simple majority vote of the General Board (1530; 1532; 1655:6, 11, 16, 18, 21, 23, 40a; 4300; Gen. Bd. Policy on Ch. Disc. 5279; 5365).
(3) Provide overall correlation of corporate entities, divisions, agencies, auxiliaries, and institutions in planning and carrying out programs adopted by the General Conference and the General Board.
(4) Serve as the members of the budget committee with the General Treasurer/ Chief Financial Officer serving as a nonvoting member of that committee.
(5) Require reports from all such officers as it shall designate and consult with and give direction to the same.
(6) Receive a report from the General Superintendent regarding the annual review of all general officers based on mutually agreed goals and objectives and issue a report of the same to the General Board (1655:29).
(7) Take emergency action by a two-thirds majority vote of all the members of the Executive Board, suspending from office a person under the jurisdiction of the General Board (1655:37), pending the action of the General Board. In the case of a general official (1800), no more than thirty days shall elapse from the time such suspension is effected until the General Board shall review the matter, either through a regular or special session.
(8) Appoint such subcommittees as it shall deem wise, and to delegate duties and powers to the same.