2016 Wesleyan Discipline: 1000–1496

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Chapter 1: District Organization

A. Definition 1000
B. Developing District 1003-1015
C. Provisional District 1020-1034
D. Established District 1036-1050
E. Merger or Realignment of Districts 1060-1065

Chapter 2: District Conference

A. Function 1075
B. Membership 1080-1086
C. Sessions 1112-1115
D. Organization and Procedures 1120-1178
E. Duties and Powers 1180


Chapter 3: District Board of Administration

A. Function 1200
B. Membership 1203-1206
C. Sessions 1209-1218
D. Organization and Procedures 1221-1230
E. Duties and Powers 1233
F. The Listing of District Conference Relations and Appointments 1240
G. Executive Committee 1245

Chapter 4: District Officers and Committees

A. List of District Officers, Boards and Committees 1250
B. District Officials 1255-1272
C. District Departmental Officers and Committees 1275-1292

Chapter 5: District Administration

A. District Superintendent 1300-1310
B. Assistant District Superintendent(s) 1320-1327
C. District Secretary 1330-1332
D. District Treasurer 1335-1337
E. District Auditing Committee 1340
F. District Building Committee 1345
G. District Statistical Committee 1350-1352
H. District Board of Trustees 1360-1365
I. District Board of Review 1370

Chapter 6: District Ministerial Supervision

A. District Board of Ministerial Development 1375-1390
B. Annual Service Reports 1402
C. Council of Ordination 1405

Chapter 7: District Missions and Evangelism


A. District Coordination of Missions and Evangelism 1410
B. District Board of Evangelism and Church Growth 1413-1423
C. District Director of Evangelism and Church Growth 1426
D. District Director of Global Partners 1429
E. District Board of World Missions 1430-1435
F. District Director of Women's Ministry 1439

Chapter 8: District Christian Education and Spiritual Formation


A. District Spiritual Formation Leadership Team 1440-1455
B. District Director of Spiritual Formation 1460-1463
C. District Sunday School Committee 1468-1480
D. District Director of Sunday Schools 1483
E. District Director of Leadership Training 1486
F. District Director of Children's Ministries 1489
G. District Director/President of Wesleyan Youth 1492
H. District Director of Adult Ministries 1494
I. District Educational Director 1496