2016 Wesleyan Discipline: 1605–1650

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B. Voting Membership

1605. The General Board is composed of the General Superintendent and area representatives:

(1) General Superintendent. The General Superintendent is a member of the General Board by virtue of office.
(2) Area Representatives. Three ordained ministers and three lay members shall be elected by the General Conference from each representative area to serve as members of the General Board (2016 Wesleyan Discipline:340:1; 2016 Wesleyan Discipline:1590:18; 2016 Wesleyan Discipline:2430-2445). In order to accomplish broad representation when electing area representatives to the General Board, it is recommended that no more than two persons be elected from any one district. They shall serve from the close of the session at which they are elected until the close of the succeeding General Conference and until their successors are elected and qualified. Whenever an area representative shall transfer residence or membership outside the area represented, the General Board shall declare the office vacant and shall fill the vacancy in such a manner as to maintain the representation provided for herewith. An area representative, who is not a voting member of the General Conference by some other right, is a voting member of the General Conference by virtue of membership on the General Board (2016 Wesleyan Discipline:1503:1c).

C. Non-Voting Participants

1606. The following are non-voting participants of the General Board: The four division executive directors, the General Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer, the chief executive officer of Wesleyan Investment Foundation, the chief executive officer of Wesleyan Pension Fund, and all presidents of the general educational institutions of The Wesleyan Church.

D. Sessions

1610. Organizing Session. The General Board shall meet immediately after the adjournment of the General Conference for an organizing session:

(1) To organize by electing officers and committees, as required by The Discipline, the General Conference, the articles and bylaws of the several corporations, or the policies and bylaws of the General Board.
(2) To care for any business assigned to it by the General Conference which requires immediate attention.
(3) To elect the Executive Board as provided in 2016 Wesleyan Discipline:1755.
(4) To care for any other necessary business.

1615. Regular Session. The General Board shall meet annually or semiannually at a time and place it shall designate or as fixed in its bylaws. The Executive Board may change the time and place by a two-thirds vote if circumstances so require (2016 Wesleyan Discipline:1785:1). Notice of all sessions shall be published by the Executive Director of Communication and Administration and sent in writing or electronically to all members at least four weeks in advance.

1620. Special Session. A special session may be ordered by the General Board, the Executive Board (2016 Wesleyan Discipline:1785:1) or the General Superintendent. All members shall be notified at least ten days before the convening of a special session (cf. 2016 Wesleyan Discipline:1615).

1625. Evaluation Session. Periodically, either during regular sessions or in a session called specifically for self-evaluation, the General Board shall consider its priorities, review the distribution of its time, and evaluate the effectiveness of its efforts, using the duties and powers listed in The Discipline as a guide. The method and extent of such evaluation shall be determined by the General Board, but special attention should be focused on those responsibilities that are most likely to contribute to future outreach and growth to the glory of God.

E. Organization and Procedure

1630. Chair. The General Superintendent shall serve as the chair of the General Board. The General Board shall at its organizing meeting following General Conference elect a vice-chair from among its ministerial members to serve as chair in the absence of or at the request of the General Superintendent.

1635. Secretary. The Executive Director of Communication and Administration is secretary of the General Board ex officio.

1640. Quorum. A majority of all the members of the General Board shall constitute a quorum.

1645. Voting. A majority vote of those present and voting shall be sufficient except for those matters for which a larger majority is required by The Discipline (2016 Wesleyan Discipline:1530; 2016 Wesleyan Discipline:1532; 2016 Wesleyan Discipline:1655:6, 11, 16, 18, 21, 23, 40a; 2016 Wesleyan Discipline:4300; 2016 Wesleyan Discipline:5279; 2016 Wesleyan Discipline:5365), by legal or corporate requirements or by the policies and regulations of the General Board.

1650. Bylaws. The General Board shall adopt its own bylaws and perfect all plans necessary for the performance of its own duties, in harmony with The Discipline and the instructions of the General Conference.