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2341. General Duties. The Education and Clergy Development Division and its executive director, shall:

(1) Give leadership to and oversee the educational institutions of Wesleyan Higher Education ensuring that biblical Wesleyan theology and values are reflected in every discipline and that the vision and purpose of the educational institutions and approved seminaries is aligned with and complementary to the vision and purpose of The Wesleyan Church.
(2) Facilitate, through the Wesleyan Educational Council, the networking of educational institutions with church constituencies, districts, and local churches resulting in a stream of ministerial students being prepared to serve the church, with an emphasis on internships, continuing education, recruitment, and placement for Kingdom ministries.
(3) Provide and/or coordinate a strong network of non-traditional ministerial preparation opportunities that serves second-career ministerial students and that is complementary to educational institutions of The Wesleyan Church.
(4) Provide pastoral care systems with the goal of developing healthy pastoral leadership.
(5) Encourage and integrate ethnically diverse ministerial leadership for all areas of Church life.
(6) Assist persons in identifying and clarifying God’s call to vocational and credentialed ministry.
(7) Set standards for ministerial preparation for all levels and types of service.
(8) Enroll and track the academic progress of every ministerial student, record all grades, and certify the completion of courses of study for ordination, licensing, commissioning, transfer of ministerial credentials.
(9) To make recommendations to the General Superintendent regarding the restoration of deposed ministers, in keeping with the General Board Policy on Ministerial Restoration.
(10) Facilitate the development of District Boards of Ministerial Development with systems for assessment, credentialing, and development of the ministerial team for the Church.
(11) Provide financial support and incentives, e.g., Ministerial Loan-Grant and other scholarship funds, to encourage a growing stream of ministerial students in colleges and seminaries, as well as Wesleyan students in other disciplines of study.
(12) Recruit, support, guide, track, and provide resources for current and future faculty development to serve in Wesleyan higher education, especially in the area of ministerial training.
(13) Coordinate all vocational chaplaincy ministries for the Church, endorsing military and civilian chaplains, specifically providing networking, support, and representation for military chaplains.
(14) Provide advocacy and support for growing women-in-ministry and ethnic clergy leadership movements in The Wesleyan Church.
(15) Maintain relationship with all Wesleyan Colleges/Universities and their boards of trustees by attending all board meetings, guiding compliance to the Standards for Educational Institutions, as well as reviewing and recommending changes to the Standards to the General Board.
(16) Coordinate events designed to meet the vision and purpose of the division, such as: Doctrinal Symposia, New Pastor Orientation, DBMD Institutes, Chaplain Institutes/retreats, leadership development, Fellowship of the Called, professors of religion from all Wesleyan institutions symposia, FLAME institutes, district ministerial institutes and non-traditional training by institutions, pastor workshops for continuing education, student events at World Headquarters, and faculty development events.
(17) Promote Wesleyan student enrollment in Wesleyan institutions.
(18) Develop new revenue streams and allocate revenue to finance division priorities.
(19) Further, the specific vision, mission, strategic plan, core values, and general duties for the Education and Clergy Development Division shall be prepared by the divisional leadership in collaboration with the General Superintendent and be presented to the Executive Cabinet for ratification and to the General Board for final approval.