2016 Wesleyan Discipline: 3070:6

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(6) Public service of ordination (2016 Wesleyan Discipline:3091; 2016 Wesleyan Discipline:5750–5792), in which the minister shall witness to a Christian experience, affirm conviction of a divine call to the ministry, commitment to the doctrines and principles of The Wesleyan Church, and loyalty to The Wesleyan Church, after which the minister shall be separated to the Christian ministry by the Church through the laying on of hands in the person of the General Superintendent (if present, cf. 2016 Wesleyan Discipline:1935:34), or the representative appointed by the General Superintendent (2016 Wesleyan Discipline:1935:34; 2016 Wesleyan Discipline:3091), the district superintendent (2016 Wesleyan Discipline:1310:23), and a council of ordination (2016 Wesleyan Discipline:1405).