2016 Wesleyan Discipline: 3114–3117

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5. Relationship to Other Ministers and Churches

3114. Each minister of The Wesleyan Church shall respect the rights of each other minister within the field of labor, and shall not interfere with the work of, nor influence anyone against any pastor, district official or other minister of The Wesleyan Church (cf. 2016 Wesleyan Discipline:313:5). In the event of any such violation of ministerial ethics, the aggrieved person may file a complaint with the district superintendent (2016 Wesleyan Discipline:5004:2, 4; 2016 Wesleyan Discipline:5206).

3117. If a Wesleyan minister shall engage to serve another denomination, or an interdenominational or independent work, as a pastor or in some other regular capacity, except by permission of the district conference, or in the interim of its sessions, by permission of the district board of administration, the district board of administration may recommend and the district conference may order that the minister be declared withdrawn. If serving within the territory of a district other than the one to which the minister belongs, the minister must have not only the permission of the district in which membership is held, but also the permission of the district superintendent over the territory where labor is proposed (2016 Wesleyan Discipline:1310:29). An ordained minister serving outside The Wesleyan Church with the permission of the district in which membership is held shall be placed either on the appointed list in the category of interchurch service (2016 Wesleyan Discipline:3335) or special service (2016 Wesleyan Discipline:3345) or listed as an ordained minister without appointment (2016 Wesleyan Discipline:3380).