2016 Wesleyan Discipline: 3124

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3124. An ordained minister or commissioned minister who has voluntarily filed credentials with the district superintendent (2016 Wesleyan Discipline:3059:3c; 2016 Wesleyan Discipline:3085:3), or who has taken a letter of standing and has not used the same within the prescribed time (2016 Wesleyan Discipline:3100:3), or who has been declared withdrawn when neither under charges nor under discipline (cf. 2016 Wesleyan Discipline:3059:4c; 2016 Wesleyan Discipline:3089:3; 2016 Wesleyan Discipline:3100:4; 2016 Wesleyan Discipline:3117; 2016 Wesleyan Discipline:5380), may be reinstated in the office of an ordained minister or commissioned minister in The Wesleyan Church, if such is approved by the district board of ministerial development and district board of administration of the district in which ministerial membership is sought, and if such reinstatement is approved by the General Superintendent.