2016 Wesleyan Discipline: 6505

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Article 2. Purpose

6505. Article 2. Purpose. The International Conference shall give spiritual and ecclesiastical oversight to The Wesleyan Church worldwide by:

(1) Providing a forum for the development of a global vision, strategy, and coordination of Wesleyan ministries around the world.
(2) Speaking to the global issues affecting the International Church, including evangelism, education, and compassion ministries.
(3) Maintaining compliance to The Essentials of The Wesleyan Church.
(4) Providing time for celebration, worship, and world recognition of the advancement and challenges of the International Church.
(5) Granting approval for an Established National/Regional Conference to move to full General Conference status.
(6) Granting approval for mission units or National/Regional Church Conferences to advance to Established National/ Regional Conference status.