2016 Wesleyan Discipline: PART 2: Local Church Government

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Chapter 1: Local Church Organization

A. Function of Local Churches 500
B. Types of Organization 503-548


Chapter 2: Membership

A. Essence and Meaning of Membership 550-552
B. Categories of Membership 553-565
C. Reception of Members 566-570
D. Transfer of Membership 575-582
E. Termination of Membership 585-605
F. Record of Membership 610


Chapter 3: Local Church Conference

A. Composition and Function 625
B. Sessions 630-633
C. Organization and Procedure 635-655
D. Duties and Powers 655


Chapter 4: Pastors

A. Function 675-678
B. Manner of Pastoral Voting 690-722
C. Pastoral Support and Sabbatical 723-724
D. Duties and Powers 725
E. Pastoral Staff 735-746


Chapter 5: Local Board of Administration

A. Function 750
B. Membership 752-758
C. Sessions 760-767
D. Organization and Procedure 770-781
E. Duties and Powers 782
F. Pastor's Advisory Committee 795


Chapter 6: Local Church Officers and Committees

A. List of Local Church Officers, Boards and Committees 800
B. General Regulations 807-828
C. Witness and Membership 830-837
D. Finance and Stewardship 842-868
E. Worship 870-873
F. Spiritual Formation 875-928
G. Missions and Evangelism 930-960
H. Lay Delegates to District Conference 965
I. Judicial Committees 970