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2258. Vision. The ultimate objective of The Wesleyan Church is to fulfill the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ by sharing with all people the good news and glorious experience of full salvation. 2259. Purpose. The Global Partners Division is responsible for carrying out the missionary objectives of The Wesleyan Church in those fields and areas beyond the national borders of the United States and Canada, and in such other places as shall be assigned to it as approved by the General Conference or the General Board. 2261. Executive Director. The Executive Director of the Global Partners Division is elected by the General Conference from among the ordained ministers of The Wesleyan Church as a general official, and is an ex officio member of the General Conference (1503:1c) and the Executive Cabinet (1990). The Executive Director of Global Partners is amenable to the General Board, serves as a nonvoting resource person to the board, and is under the supervision of the General Superintendent. The Executive Director of Global Partners shall exercise leadership in this division in keeping with The Discipline, the General Board Policy for the Global Partners Division, and other directives as may be given by the General Conference, the General Board, or its Executive Board. The term of service and other regulations for this office are provided for in 1810-1870. 2262. Strategic Directives. The strategic directives of the Global Partners Division and its executive director shall be to:

(1) Evangelize the nations of the earth, seeking the salvation of the individuals and the entire sanctification of believers as the primary responsibility of all missionary work.
(2) Gather the converts into churches and enlist them in the work of God’s kingdom.
(3) Give special emphasis to the training of workers and leaders for the Church.
(4) Share the benefits of the gospel and facilitate evangelistic work through specialized ministries such as medical, educational, literacy, and benevolent work.
(5) Promote, in accordance with scriptural and indigenous principles, the growth and development of the churches in each field or area to a church body that is spiritually mature, well organized, financially responsible, and missionary minded, and that can assume its place in The Wesleyan Church.
(6) Further, the specific vision, mission, global strategic plan, core missiological values, and general duties for the Global Partners Division shall be prepared by the divisional leadership in collaboration with the General Superintendent and be presented to the Executive Cabinet for ratification and to the General Board for final approval.