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2362. Ultimate authority over the educational institutions of The Wesleyan Church rests with the General Conference (1590:13). In practice this authority is delegated to the General Board and consists of the following:

(1) Authority, by two-thirds vote, to establish, merge or dissolve an educational institution, or to enter into a cooperative agreement with other persons/groups of like theological and behavioral commitment in the ownership and operation of an educational institution.
(2) Authority to provide for and deal with all matters pertaining to charters and bylaws.
(3) Provision for boards of control in keeping with 340:2.
(4) The adoption and revision of such Standards of the General Board for Educational Institutions as the General Board shall deem to be wise.
(5) The General Board is not empowered or authorized to contravene, override, or set aside a decision of a college board of trustees except as is provided and specifically stated in 2362:1-4.