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3285. General Evangelist. A general evangelist is an ordained minister appointed by a district conference to the field of evangelism and recommended for service to the church. An ordained minister so appointed shall be placed on the appointed list (1240:1:A:3b). Appointment as general evangelist is subject to the following conditions and procedures:

(1) Upon completion of two years of service as an associate general evangelist, the district board of administration may recommend that person to the district conference as a general evangelist. The two-year requirement may be waived if, in the judgment of the district board of administration and the district conference, an ordained minister is uniquely qualified to serve the General Church in this capacity. Endorsement of the district conference, the General Superintendent, and the Executive Director of Church Multiplication and Discipleship shall be required for appointment as a general evangelist. Upon approval for appointment to the category of general evangelist, a certificate of such appointment shall be issued and signed by the district superintendent, the district secretary (6340), and the Executive Director of Church Multiplication and Discipleship.
(2) Appointment and certification as a general evangelist shall only be continued in subsequent years if the evangelist reports to the district conference at least eighty services each year devoted to evangelism. At the time this requirement is not met, the general evangelist shall be reclassified as an associate general evangelist or reserve evangelist.