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3335. An ordained minister employed in a ministerial capacity as an officer in a church-related organization serving The Wesleyan Church, or approved upon careful evaluation of the district conference to serve with an educational institution, evangelistic or missionary organization not directly related to The Wesleyan Church, shall be appointed to interchurch service and shall be listed by the district as an appointed ordained minister (1240:1:A:6) and shall be a voting member of the district conference (1083:1). A commissioned or licensed minister so appointed shall be a nonvoting member of the district conference and shall be listed under “Other Appointments” (1240:2:B; 1240:3:B). Ministers serving in this category shall sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), available from the district superintendent, also signed by the district superintendent and the supervisor of the district/judicatory of the ministry with which the minister is serving. The MOU will clarify reporting and accountability responsibilities of this service as well as defining the length of service expected in this appointment. Service extending beyond five years of initial appointment in this capacity must be approved by the district board of administration.