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G. Power of Intervention

4250. The General Board as the board of directors shall be authorized and empowered to intervene and institute all necessary legal and equitable actions in the name of The Wesleyan Church Corporation to protect the interests and rights of The Wesleyan Church anywhere, including all matters relating to property and rights to property, whether arising by gift, devise, or otherwise, or where held in trust for the benefit and use of the members and ministers of The Wesleyan Church (1655:21; 4120:3; 4590; 4770; 4870–4880).

4260. Whenever any group of ministers or members shall put themselves in an attitude of insubordination or disobedience to The Wesleyan Church (Gen. Bd. Policy on Ch. Disc. 5010), the General Board shall be empowered to institute and carry out disciplinary proceedings as set forth in the General Board Policy on Church Discipline (5305–5320; 5355–5380), and pertinent provisions of The Discipline, and, when deemed necessary, may authorize the General Superintendent or other general official(s) to request an affirmation of loyalty and reorganize the district or other unit involved as set forth in the General Board Policy on Church Discipline (5320–5325; 5375–5380). Whenever such insubordination occurs in a local church, the General Board shall intervene only when the district officials or district board of administration over the local church shall fail or refuse to act.