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4780. No local church may vote to withdraw as a body from The Wesleyan Church or in any way sever its relation thereto, and no local church conference and/or local board of administration and/or local board of trustees can divert property from The Wesleyan Church (859:4; 4550). If any local church violates or in any way attempts to circumvent these provisions, then all rights, title, and interest in and to all real property of such local church shall thereupon immediately vest in the district corporation (4100) or in the district board of trustees in the case of an unincorporated district (4855); and all such property shall be vacated immediately by the offending party or parties. The district conference or, in the interim, the district board of administration shall have authority to deny the use of any such property to the offending party or parties and to order the immediate eviction of any such party or parties who do not comply therewith.