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5040. Any member or minister who is accused shall have the following rights:

(1) Counsel. The accused shall have the right to choose counsel, or to present a personal defense; but where this right is not exercised, counsel may be appointed by the chair of the judicatory. The counsel shall be a member or minister of The Wesleyan Church.
(2) Examination. The accused, or counsel, shall have the right to meet any accuser(s) face-to-face and to cross-examine any witnesses presented by the manager (cf. 5028).
(3) Objection. The accused shall have the right to challenge for cause the qualifications of any member of the judicatory, the validity of which shall be determined by the chair of the judicatory (cf. 5054).
(4) Limitation. A minister or member shall not be required to answer for any accusation which occurred more than five years before the filing of such accusation, except in matters involving immorality.