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(3) As soon as qualified members are available, the district superintendent, in cooperation with the pastor, may appoint a local advisory council of three to five members, and may designate one of them as the vice-chair. The pastor shall serve as chair of this council (cf. 807; 1310:15). The council shall exercise the duties and powers of a local board of administration (782), making all recommendations to the district superintendent or the district board of administration instead of the local church conference (1310:15). The vice-chair shall provide oversight for the pastor’s compensation and benefits when neither the district superintendent nor a representative of the district superintendent is present. All investments in land, buildings, and equipment (1233:30; 4650–4670), matters involving employed staff, and other major decisions must be authorized by the district board of administration; and all actions of the local advisory council shall be subject to the review and approval of the district superintendent. The local advisory council shall be responsible to assist the district superintendent in qualifying the church as quickly as possible for organization as an established church.
(4) All property of a developing church shall be held by the district, with titles secured as given in 4660.