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5270. Those subject to General Church jurisdiction include the following persons:

(1) A general official (Disc. 1800; cf. 360:2; 1655:37).
(2) An area representative of the General Board (cf. Disc. 1655:37).
(3) A district superintendent (cf. Disc. 323:1; 360:2; 1655:37).
(4) A member or minister of The Wesleyan Church who is serving under the jurisdiction of the General Board, including any who are elected or employed by the General Board for full-time service for the General Church (cf. Disc. 323:1; 1655:27), missionaries or workers under the Global Partners Division or the Church Multiplication and Discipleship Division (cf. Disc. 323:1; 1655:27), members of boards elected by the General Board (cf. Disc. 1655:19), and any others amenable to the General Board.
(5) A district officer or a minister or other credentialed person, the assumption of whose matter by the General Board has been authorized by the Executive Board (5020:2).