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5310. Whenever a settlement cannot be effected, a district judicial committee shall be appointed in keeping with 5209. An accusation and specifications against the local church shall be submitted to the district judicial committee which shall hear and determine the matter. Whenever the district judicial committee finds the local church guilty as charged, the district board of administration (Disc. 1233:36) shall suspend the local church from all its rights and privileges as set forth in the Constitution (Disc. 315) and The Discipline. The suspension shall end when the local church, through its officials, shall make a written apology acknowledging its guilt and pledging loyalty to the district and the denomination, and when, in the opinion of the district board of administration, the offense has ceased. Whenever a local church does not offer such a written apology and assurance, and if it continues to offend, it shall be reorganized (5320). An appeal (5062–5068) may be taken by the local church concerning the verdict and/or discipline to the district board of review (5221).