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(2) Leadership. Membership is the basic standard required for designated leadership positions in The Wesleyan Church at local, district, and General Church levels, as well as for all credentialed ministers (552:3). Leaders are expected to live exemplary lives and to serve as models for others to follow. Persons who are elected to serve the Church in leadership positions are annually required to affirm and follow the Articles of Religion, the Guides and Helps to Holy Living, and the Elementary Principles; be faithful in local church attendance; practice biblical stewardship; participate in active witness and service for Christ; maintain unity in the church; and agree to give proper accountability to those who are assigned spiritual authority over them by The Discipline.
(3) Leadership positions in the local church that require a person to be a member who meets the qualifications (260-268; 558) include:
(a) any person in a credentialed ministry (3250–3490)
(b) local board of administration member (752)
(c) trustee (850)
(d) delegate to district or General Conference (965, 1524)
(e) nominating committee member (820)
(f) local church secretary (638, 830)
(g) lay leader
(h) witness and membership committee member (if any)
(i) church treasurer (842)
(j) Sunday school superintendent or spiritual formation director (if any)