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5565. Reception of Members.
(The minister shall call before the congregation those who are being received as members. If the covenant questions have not been addressed previously, or if a public response to the questions is desired, the questions in paragraph 5566 shall be asked as prescribed).

These persons standing before you come to enter into covenant as members of The Wesleyan Church, with all of the accompanying rights, privileges, and responsibilities. They testify to having been born again. They have received the sacrament of baptism, have been instructed in and have accepted the doctrines and polity of The Wesleyan Church, and have been approved by vote as manifesting in spirit and practice God’s work of grace within their hearts.

(If a shortened service is desired, and the candidates have been asked the membership covenant questions and have responded appropriately, the presiding minister may add the statement “They have each responded appropriately to the membership covenant questions as required by The Discipline” [ 5550 ], omit the questions, and move to paragraph 5567.)