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650. Order of Business. The local church conference, in all regular sessions, shall give special attention to the spiritual, numerical, and financial progress of the church, including the following items:

(1) Reading of minutes of last session, unless authority to approve the minutes has been delegated by the local church conference to the local board of administration.
(2) Receiving the reports of the pastor(s) and any others the local church conference shall order.
(3) Receiving the reports of the various treasurers (863).
(4) Receiving and acting upon the reports of boards and committees.
(5) Receiving the reports of the lay ministers.
(6) Granting or renewing of local licenses for lay ministers.
(7) Recommending suitable members to the district conference for district licenses as ministerial students and special workers (315:3-4).
(8) Electing of officers and delegates.
(9) Miscellaneous business.