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(28) Adopt the annual budget and authorize all expenditures within the limits of the budget and any expenditures not provided for in the annual budget; to provide for annual audits of all funds (863).
(29) Recommend to the local church conference: the purchase or sale of property, the erection or remodeling of buildings, all mortgages or other indebtedness which encumbers the property and major items of equipment (655:11; 4700–4728).
(30) Implement all General Church and district plans which apply to the local church, and to see that the local church raises its assigned portion of the United Stewardship Fund.
(31) Open the doors of the local church to properly authorized representatives of the General Church, the educational institutions of the area and the district.
(32) Request approval from the district board of administration when making investment or distribution of funds received as an undesignated estate gift, property for sale, or other out-of-pattern contribution with value equal to or exceeding the total contributions for all purposes of the preceding year (1233:30).