PART 10: The Ritual

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Chapter 1: Baptism

A. Dedication of Infants 5500
B. Baptism of Infants 5510
C. Baptism of Believers 5515
D. Affirmation of Parental Vows 5530

Chapter 2: Reception of Members


Chapter 3: The Lord’s Supper

A. General Directions 5600-5611
B. Order of the Lord's Supper - As Part of a Service 5615
C. Order of the Lord's Supper - as an Entire Service 5635

Chapter 4: Marriage

A. Marriage Ceremony - Longer Form 5650
B. Marriage Ceremony - Shorter Form 5680

Chapter 5: Burial of the Dead


Chapter 6: Ordination of Ministers

A. Regulations 5750-5752
B. The Order of the Ordination of Ministers 5755-5792

Chapter 7: Commissioning of Ministers

A. Regulations 5800-5804
B. The Order of the Commissioning of Ministers 5810-5845

Chapter 8: Commissioning of Lay Workers


Chapter 9: Installation Ceremonies

A. General Regulations 5900
B. Installation of a Pastor 5905
C. Installation of Local Church Officers 5915-5925
D. Installation of District Superintendent 5930
E. Installation of General Officials 5935
F. Installation of a College or University President 5945

Chapter 10: Dedication Services

A. Dedication of a Church Building 5950
B. Dedication of Parsonage 5975