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1. District Service.
The district superintendent and other ordained ministers in full-time service of the district in a ministerial capacity (3320; 1327; 1460).
2. Pastoral and Local Service.
a. Ordained ministers appointed as pastors, assistant pastors, or interim pastors within the district (3255).
b. Ordained ministers on loan to other districts of The Wesleyan Church for service as supply pastors (3100:2; 3260:1).
c. Ordained ministers appointed to serve in a local church spiritual formation or Christian education program (3310:2).
3. Evangelistic Service.
a. Associate general evangelists. Ordained ministers appointed as associate general evangelists (3270; 3280).
b. General evangelists. Ordained ministers appointed as general evangelists (3270; 3275; 3285:1).
c. Reserve evangelists. Ordained ministers appointed as reserve evangelists (3270; 3275; 3285:2).
4. Denominational Service.
a. Ordained ministers elected by the General Conference or General Board as general officials (1800; 3320).
b. Ordained ministers employed at the World Headquarters, or those elected or employed by the board of directors of a general subsidiary corporation other than an educational institution, for full-time General Church service in a ministerial capacity as set forth in 3320.
c. Ordained ministers appointed by the General Board for service in a ministerial capacity as missionaries or workers under the Church Multiplication and Discipleship Division or Global Partners Division as set forth in 3300.
d. Ordained ministers employed to serve in a ministerial capacity on the administrative staff or faculty of a educational institution of The Wesleyan Church (2365) or one of the seminaries approved by the Wesleyan Seminary Foundation (2382).
e. Ordained ministers traveling and teaching in local churches and districts without a specific or pastoral assignment as itinerant Bible teachers (3310:3).
5. Chaplains (3330).
Ordained ministers approved by the Committee on Chaplains and commissioned by the government as military chaplains, or employed as full-time professional institutional chaplains.
6. Interchurch Service (3335).
Ordained ministers employed in a ministerial capacity in interchurch service, serving with an educational, evangelistic, or missionary organization not directly related to The Wesleyan Church, provided such service is approved by the district conference.
7. Special Service (3345).
Ordained ministers serving in active ministry not otherwise provided for, if such service is approved by the district conference.
8. Affiliate Church Pastor (3346; 7010).
Ordained ministers appointed by the district conference to service on staff of an affiliate church.