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(1) If a minister desires to accept a pastoral call from a church within the bounds of another district, or if a minister not serving as a pastor desires to transfer ministerial membership to another district, the minister must first obtain the written permission of the General Superintendent and the district superintendent over the district into which transfer is desired (313:6; 1310:19; 3124). When such has been obtained, the minister shall ask the district superintendent for a letter of transfer (6440; 1310:26) to be sent directly to the district superintendent of the district into which transfer is desired (3055:3). The minister shall continue to be considered as a member of the former district until a reply has been received from the district to which application has been made stating that the minister has been duly enrolled as a member of the district conference (6450; 1310:26). To avoid dual listings, ministers receiving appointment by the receiving district conference prior to completion of enrollment shall be listed in that district conference journal as an ordained, commissioned, or licensed minister Pending Completion of District Transfer (1240:1:F; 1240:2:D; 1240:3:C).